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Chronological Bible Storying for Kids

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Resources for Telling and Teaching

Bible Storying for Kids Training manual:  This is a comprehensive manual on the Bible storying approach for teaching children and includes an easy-to-use, step by step seminar outline for copying when teaching this approach to others. Included are the 60 Bible story outlines ready for telling and teaching. The manual also includes chapters on how to teach the basics of chronological Bible storying, understanding how children learn, faith formation, worldview issues and a full chapter dedicated to storytelling techniques and principles, along with seminar participant interactive materials and seminar discussion guides. 

Bible Storyteller Guide & Panel Kit:  Bible Storyteller Guide in 5x8 handy-to-carry size and small Bible story symbol fabric panel:  This guide includes 60 stories outlined for telling with follow up discussion questions.  The 27" X 27" Bible story fabric panel is included. 

Bible Storying Fabric Panels:  Storying aids that have all 60 story symbols in black print on white or on the smaller panels color cloth. The panel comes in two sizes, a larger full 4’X6’ size suitable as a wall hanging or can be finished off into a child’s quilt and a smaller 27" X 27" bandana panel (horizontal layout) that can be used as is or finished as a pillow case or pillow sham for children and used as a Bible story reminder. 


The fabric panels are durable, washable and can be used “as is” for telling and retelling, or can be finished off with fabric markers or other hand crafting techniques.

60 Story Symbol Packet:  This resource includes sixty 8X11 pages of symbols from the storying quilt panel. These symbol pages can be copied onto stock card for telling and teaching, used as coloring pages for younger children who may not have the motor skills for finishing the quilt fabric panel, or for other uses as a learning game for the storying method or as part of telling programs. 

Bible Storying Pocket Panel:  A ready to use 12” X 12” cloth with the story symbols in color as well as the age level telling chart. The pocket cloth is easy to carry for small group teaching and telling or one to one telling fun by parents and children’s workers.

Family Devotional Pack:  Includes The Story of God Devotional with all 60 stories / questions and discussion starters, small fabric panel and the Bible symbol game card pack. A GREAT resource for churches to give to new families and parents to get them started into the overview of the Bible and provide for and encourage family devotions. 

Family Devotional All 60 CBS stories in family reading format, each story with challenge questions and discussion starters.  This devotional is also excellent as a personal reading for children 8-12.

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                     pocket cards - 60 symbols

__           Family Devotional   60 stories            $12.00                    ________

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