Bible Storying Fabric Panels:  Storying aids that have all 60 story symbols in black print on white or on the smaller panels color cloth. The panel comes in two sizes, a larger full 4’X6’ size suitable as a wall hanging or can be finished off into a child’s quilt and a smaller 27" X 27" bandana panel (horizontal layout) that can be used as is or finished as a pillow case or pillow sham for children and used as a Bible story reminder.

The fabric panels are durable, washable and can be used “as is” for telling and retelling, or can be finished off with fabric markers or other hand crafting techniques.

Bible Storying Pocket Panel:  A ready to use 12” X 12” cloth with the story symbols in color as well as the age level telling chart. The pocket cloth is easy to carry for small group teaching and telling or one to one telling fun by parents and children’s workers.

Quilt or Wall Hanging Panel Bandana Panel

4' x 6'

27" x 27"