Children’s Ministry Links   The purpose of BCM International (Canada) Inc  is to Reach Children and Develop Churches in Canada. BCM publishes teaching materials for pre-school and elementary school age children and also conducts training seminars for children's workers to assist the church in reaching children in their community for Christ.
   Network of Biblical Storytellers. An ecumenical organization dedicated to presenting and telling the Bible story and stories. This Ireland based ministry is also focused on chronological Bible storying.    A ministry based in Tennessee that produces a fabric panel with Bible pictures printed for telling the Bible story in a chorological approach.  This Australian based ministry provides FREE download resources for children, youth and adult ministries. They also seek free resources to post on their web site to share with others. Their FREE downloadable video segments are excellent.
  The International Network of Children’s Ministry. Produces the annual Children’s Pastors’ Conferences that draw about 3,000 in two locations during the winter months.  Web site provides free ideas and helps, plus children’s pastor / director position openings.  Based in Burlington, NJ this ministry has a full video studio for church video production work. 1-800-VIDEO17. These resources are some of the BEST. Check out the Children’s Pastors’ Toolbox.  Produces K magazine and resources for children's leaders.  This international ministry based in California promotes a simplified and easy to use approach of Bible teaching using stories and dialogue between the teller and listener. STS holds workshops and instructor training seminars worldwide at very low cost.  Jeff Smith is President of Salt and Light Drama Company. Salt and Light holds an annual drama conference the end of August each year in Richmond, Virginia. Jeff does incredible work in the area of drama for children and does on site seminars and drama presentations.  A web site resource of The Southern Baptist Convention and producers of  a fabric panel of 42 Bible time pictures representing sequential Bible stories in Bible time settings and dress.  The original International Mission Board web site.  and Web sites developed by Grant Lovejoy to promote the oral storying traditions.
  The web site of Dr. J.O. Terry, author of Basic Bible Storying. Dr. Terry is an invaluable resources to those who desire to develop and further the storying approach.    Global Recordings Network USA - Provides 1-2 minute Bible story recordings on cassettes, CDs and M3P in 5771 different languages. Contact Susan Vonolszewski   919-550-7701 (USA-North Carolina) for additional information.  This site provides free download and information of obtaining and using the NET Bible which was launched in 1995 for use and distribution worldwide without royalty payments.  The NET Bible is an exhaustive translations with over 60,000 translator notes and other bible helps.