Resources for Telling and Teaching


Bible Story of God 60 Stories:  This is a comprehensive manual on the Bible storying approach for storytelling for all ages. This 8.5 x 11 spiral book also includes chapters on how to teach the basics of chronological Bible storying and a full chapter dedicated to storytelling techniques and principles. Each story has discussion starters for early childhood, elementary, teens and adult ages.

Bible Storying Fabric Panel: Storying aids that have 60 story symbols in black print on white cloth. The panel comes in a 14" x 14" bandana type panel in several solid color backgrounds that can be used to recall and retell learned stories. An excellent item to give those learning the Bible stories. The fabric bandana is durable and washable.

The Beginning Story of God: (Available in English, French, Zulu, Spanish and Chinese translations) This 12 Bible story beginning booklet, 5X8 handy size, is excellent for distribution within churches and also to provide to homes in communities as an outreach to get individuals started in discovering and learning the 12 beginning or keystone stories.

FREE RESOURCES:  CBS4Kids offers The Beginning Story of God  12 keystone stories, available in English, Spanish, French, Zulu and Chinese,  as free downloads ready to print out in a 5X8 handy size. Click here or the free resources link above for free downloads.

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